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bibliothece: the terms of use

What follows are the rules and terms of use for the bibliothece community. As some of the rules are complicated, it is requested that all members and prospective members please read the following carefully. Please comment within this thread with any acceptance, comments, questions, or suggestions for improvement of these terms of use.

  1. This is primarily a book / anime / manga exchange community. Any other such swapping will be initially discouraged; however, should sufficient interest be generated, this rule may be amended after a majority vote by the membership;

  2. Books, anime, and / or manga are offered for exchange on a temporary basis only. Such materials are considered to be on loan and remain the private property of the lender. By becoming a member of this community, the lender understands that such materials are on loan and will be returned to him or her in same-as condition; by becoming a member of this community, the lendee understands that such materials are made available to him or her on a temporary basis only and are to be either forwarded to the next agreed upon recipient or returned to the lender upon completion in same-as condition. The term "same-as" is used here to imply that such materials, when shared by the lender, are in new or like-new condition unless otherwise stated to all members. The concept behind this community is to offer a means for members of a flist to share literature, anime, and manga amongst themselves, acting much as a personal, shared library. Loan timetables are to be established by each lender for each set or series offered for sharing;

  3. Membership is moderated. The maintainer of this community is carondelet. Please direct all questions and concerns to the maintainer by either commenting to this thread or via the contact information listed on carondelet's profile page. Should moderators or co-maintainers be added to bibliothece, an announcement will be made to all members;

  4. Please do not offer to lend any materials that one does not feel comfortable in having handled or mailed. If one has a first printing, leatherbound, priceless edition of the Gutenberg Bible, one may not wish to mail this precious tome across the country and may elect to share the collected works of Mad magazine instead. It needed to be said;

  5. The lender is to pay for the initial fee for shipping material to a lendee; should a lending circle be established by a lender, the lendees are to pay to ship the material onwards. For example, when Lender A forwards the Bleach manga on to Lendee 1, when finished Lendee 1 is to forward the Bleach manga on to Lendee 2. Then, once complete, Lendee 2 is to forward the manga on to Lendee 3, et cetera. Each lender is responsible for setting up any sort of lending circle or hierarchy and is responsible for the costs of the initial point of shipment. Each lendee is responsible for forwarding and paying for the shipping involved in the forwarding on of loaned material. Agreement to participate in a lending circle indicates that the lender and the lendee(s) are financially willing and able to pay for mailing / shipping costs. If, for any reason, a lender or lendee is unable to afford the cost of shipment, please notify the maintainer, carondelet immediately. An alternative method will be worked out. No loan materials will be abandoned due to a lack of means. Such remediation is a service that bibliothece offers to its members;

  6. For convenience and continuity, tagging and adding to memories of posts made to bibliothece will be handled by the maintainer. Should one wish to have an entry re-tagged or added to a different memory heading or removed, please contact the maintainer. Such requests will be handled within 24 hours of receipt;

  7. Any posts containing personal information (real name, address, phone number) are to be friends-locked only. It is suggested that such information be made available through the use of e-mail or instant messaging in order to ensure privacy;

  8. E-mail addresses, mailing addresses, and telephone numbers are to be considered private and are not to be disseminated or forwarded without the express written consent of the owner of said addresses or phone numbers. Any validated reports of dissemination or forwarding without express consent will be considered a violation of the rules of membership and will result in the immediate, binding suspension of the accused user's community priviledges and, pending the results of an investigation, may also result in the banning of the accused user's account. Immediate upon suspension, such activity will also be reported to LiveJournal and to any appropriate law enforcement authorities;

  9. The illicit use of and or the misrepresentation of any personal information shared in this community and with the members of this community is considered a violation of the rules of membership and will result in the immediate, binding suspension of all community priviledges of the accused user and possible banning, pending an investigation. Such activity will also be reported to LiveJournal and to the appropriate law enforcement authorities;

  10. Commenting and the sharing of opinions and preferences is encouraged and welcomed. Flaming, trolling, crank wanking, and any form of disrespect will not be tolerated and the person or persons will be suspended from the community for a period of one week. The second incident will result in a suspension for two weeks. A third will result in a month-long suspension and possibly a community ban pending an investigation;

  11. These rules are subject to review and revision. Any such revisions will be announced to all members;

  12. Should any conflicts among members arise, please contact the maintainer of this community, carondelet, immediately. It is desired that any disagreements or misunderstandings be discussed in full and worked out as best and as amicably as possible;

  13. Please indicate agreement with the terms of use as listed above by commenting on this post or please make any questions or concerns with these terms by listing such questions or concerns on this post.

Thank you for your interest in bibliothece and happy sharing!


Looks like you've covered everything...
I agree to the terms and conditions.
Yay! Thanks muchly for reading it over so carefully.

And whee!
I agree.
Much obliged. And welcome. Oh -- please don't forget to join up! Thanks.
Sounds good to me!
"Serious intellectual type."

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